King Trellis

Retractable Security Barriers
There when you need it gone when you don’t!

Retractable Barriers are ideal for doors, sliding doors, windows, shop fronts, offices, patios and most other openings that need security.
• Making use of our single upright design to ensure there are no leverage points between uprights
…– 20 x 20 x 2.0mm Aluminium tube – specifically designed for the Coastal Regions
• Secure on all sides within a top & bottom track system.
…– Steel Roller Bearing allow the doors to glide within the Double Lip Galvanised Top Track
…– Steel and Aluminium dovetail drop bolts which glide easily within a Galvanised Bottom Track
• Sustainable Locking Channels
…– In the coastal regions we use a specially extruded locking channel to protect the Lock & Lock Bar
• Slam Lock Standard on ALL Doors.
…– Locating Pin which once locked acts as a dead lock system.
• 4 rows of flights for extra strength.

• Custom manufactured for your specific needs.
• Choose from our “X”, “O” or “A” Shape flight styles. (“X” only available for Aluminium products)