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Biogrow Chemicals

Environmentally friendly organic growing is an integrated approach to plant care based on the principle that a healthy environment creates healthy plants.


How to choose the right product:

Preventative:BIONEEM  - For low insect infestation.
Remedial:PYROL - for high insect infestation.
                         NEUDOSAN - Signs of soft bodied insect activity.

BIONEEM and NEUDOSAN are soft on beneficial insects.
PYROL is a broad-spectrum contact insecticide with low residual actions. PYROL would be used in a crisis management situation as a spot spray where problems exist. If there is already an insect problem PYROL should be used instead of BIONEEM, PYROL is a contact insecticide which works best if it lands directly on the insect or is eaten by the insect within 12 hours of spraying, while BIONEEM is preventative and needs to be ingested to be effective, it will disrupt the mating cycle of the insect. If the problem is aphids or soft-bodied insects only then can NEUDOSAN can be used instead of BIONEEM or PYROL. NEUDOSAN will not offer control on any beetles or caterpillars, but will help with aphids, thrips, Psylla and whitefly. If the pest is nocturnal then PYROL should be applied late in the day to ensure consumption by the insect while the product is still active. On edible crops the rule is spray today – eat tomorrow.

Fungal Control:COPPER SOAP - Copper Soap is a preventative product.

Copper Soap will control anthracnose, Downey and powdery mildew, botrytis and black spot. Under dry conditions alternate your fungal programme at 14-day intervals. Under wetter conditions decrease your spray interval according to infectious periods – product may be used weekly if necessary. Actives: Copper Soap -Copper Octanoate (18g / ℓ Cu)

Foliar Feeding:BIOTRISSOL - Fortnightly or as required, spray or drench.

Slug & Snail Control:FERRAMOL - Long lasting, rain fast, non-toxic pellets.


Below are instructions on how best to use Biogrow Chemicals in an ongoing program in your garden. This general program may be used on roses, veggies and fruit trees as well as for general use, from the beginning of the season if possible. Because Biogrow Chemicals are made with natural ingredients that break down quickly, they need to be sprayed regularly as a preventative measure. There are 3 facets to plant care – nutrition, insect and disease control – and by mixing a cocktail of Biogrow Chemicals as shown below – all these bases are covered.

To 5ℓ water water add:
• 100ml Copper Soap
• 50ml Bioneem (If there is already an infestation, use PYROL or NEUDOSAN - see "Remedial" above)
• 25ml Biotrissol

This mix should be applied on a fortnightly basis. If it rains soon after spraying, or if you pick up signs of insect or disease activity, you should shorten the spray interval to weekly. Spray in the coolest part of the day to avoid phyto-toxicity.

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