Superthrive is a highly concentrated, eco-friendly vitamin solution invigorating all variety of greenery for home gardeners and professionals alike. It encourages the natural building blocks plants make for themselves under ideal conditions, fortifying them from the inside out. Superthrive is ideal when planting saplings or saving stressed, mature trees. Superthrive is essential to maintain healthy landscaping, green turf, abundant edibles and all trees. It even helps struggling plants recover their strength. Superthrive is the perfect supplement for enhanced growing success whether used alone or with your favorite fertilizer. Superthrive can be delivered via irrigation, drip, foliar spraying, or simple mix and pour methods. Kelp, newly added in 2013, integrates contemporary research with the existing nutrition provided by this timeless formula since 1940.

– Unique vitamin blend that includes kelp
– Highly concentrated solution providing economic value
– Easy-to-use
– May be combined with existing fertilizer program
– Eco-friendly properties
– Perfect for all growing stages
– Essential for transplanting
– Builds a strong root base
– Restores plant health
– Promotes chemical balance
– Encourages greener leaves
– Increases crop yield

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