Bosvelder Chickens


The indigenous Bochvelders are known for their incredible colours  and being hardy chickens that survive the harsh climate conditions in Africa. They prefer to free range but does cope in confinement. As free-range chickens they, can live off pasture and what nature has to offer. A little bit of supplement feeding is needed, to add some nutrients, which they might be missing to enhance growth and boost their egg production. A hen lay 4 very tasty eggs per week, that is brown in colour. Hens start laying at 24 weeks. They are very hardy and have excellent built-in immunity which helps them withstand common poultry diseases. They are not particular docile, but are good setters; and are calm, and patient.

To order your Boschvelder chicks or Point-of-Lay hens, please contact or WhatsApp us on 072 785 4303.


  • R75.00 per/ point-of-lay hen or Rooster.
  • R35.00 per 21-day-old chick. (Minimum 25 chicks).
  • R5. 00 per day-old chick. (Minimum 100 chicks).