Codiaeum Variegatum (Bravo)

Croton Plant/ Joseph’s Coat

Bravo, is large leathery leaves rounded at the bottom and slender at the top in bold colours of mainly, pink, red and yellow-green.

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  • Position:bright direct light
  • Soil: fertile: A good peat moss based potting mix.
  • Rate of growth: Slow
  • Hardiness: tender
  • Current height: approximately 45cm (including pot). Croton plants stiff, leathery leaves in bold colours of yellow, pink, red, orange and green make it a beautiful and popular house plant. Another common name for croton plant is Joseph's Coat.
  • Home care: The keys to success are plenty of sunshine, a warm (18-29°C), draft-free environment, moist soil, and humid air. Croton plants flourish on high humidity, so mist the leaves daily if possible. Dry air and soil will cause croton leaves to fall off. Repot in spring, moving to a pot only 1 size larger. You can control croton plant's size by keeping it in the same container, so that its roots are confined. When the plant reaches the size you want, top-dress annually instead. Feed every 2 weeks from early spring through late summer with a balanced liquid fertiliser diluted by half.
  • May cause skin allergy