Kolbroek Pigs
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The indigenous Kolbroek Pig is a medium-sized pig that is smaller in size than the European breeds. They are predominantly black with Lighter pink spots and patterns are common. They are hairy, have short tails, short snouts and medium-sized erect ears, and a dish-faced head. The Kolbroek is an early maturing breed that grows slower than modern breeds. Their smaller size and friendly personalities make them good pets and easier to manage than most pig breeds.

The Kolbroek Pig it is generally used for its, dark flavorful meat, but also sausages and bacon. However, a good management system is necessary or the meat can become very fatty. Kolbroeks do best in free range and free farrow conditions; and have excellent mothering abilities. In addition, they are also hardy and more disease resistant than modern commercial pigs, all which makes them ideal for the small-scale farmer.

To order Kolbroek Pigs, please contact or WhatsApp us on 072 785 4303.


  • R1,200.00 per/ boar or gilt at 6 months of age (breeding ready)
  • R1,000.00 per barrow.
  • R750.00 per piglet (weaned at 8 to 10 weeks of age).