Muscovy Ducks
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The Muscovy has been raised for both their eggs and meat for a few hundred years and is one of the oldest domesticated breeds.

The meat yield is higher than any other duck. The meat is 98% fat free, is much less greasy than other ducks and there is approximately 50% more breast meat than a standard Peking duck. It also has pound for pound less calories and fat than a turkey.

The meat has a strong flavor and is said to have a roast beef like taste.

The eggs are white and large and loved by pastry chefs the world over. Duck eggs contain more albumin than chicken eggs and that makes for fluffier pastries.


To order your Muscovy ducklings, point-of-lay hens or drakes, please contact or WhatsApp us on 072 785 4303.


  • R250.00 per/ point-of-lay hen or Drake.
  • ┬áR60.00 per 21-day-old duckling.
  • R35.00 per day-old duckling.