Vegol  500ml


Organic, broad spectrum contact insecticide with ovicidal activity. Natural plant oil. Kills all stage of insects.

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This product is a contact insecticide with ovicidal activity that can be used in both the dormant and growing seasons.

It is a proprietary formulation consisting of pure canola as active ingredient that kills all stages of insects.

The active ingredient does not persist in the environment.

This product will control insect pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, mites, leafhoppers, scale, whitefly, adelgids, immature plant bugs, sawfly larvae, psyllids, leaf beetle larvae and phylloxera.

For use indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses, on fruit and nut trees (e.g., apples, cherries, peaches, pears, nuts); flowering, foliage and bedding plants; corn; soybean; melons; tomatoes; vegetables (e.g., beans, cabbage, cucurbits, peas, potatoes); figs; small fruits (e.g., grapes, strawberry, raspberry); citrus; ornamental and shade trees (e.g., birch, evergreens, holly, oak); and houseplants.

Contains Canola Oil
Reg. No. L7061 Act 36 of 1947

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