134 Cascade Rd, Rennies Beach, Port Edward, 4295, South Africa


We established our commercial perennial plant farm in Port Edward, KZN in 2020. In September 2023, we opened our retail nursery to the public. Our mission is to provide hardy perennial garden and house plants that thrive in our coastal climate. These carefully selected plants, cultivated on our farm, are both beautiful and resilient. Our commitment ensures they are tried and true.
While our specialty is house plants, we also offer a diverse selection of flowering plants. From spring through winter, our collection keeps gardens in full bloom.

Additionally, we source products from other suppliers for our garden store, including garden decor, fertilizers, organic vegetable plants, herbs, hanging baskets, succulents, fruit trees, indigenous plants, and many other products.

Our future plan includes offering garden consultations, landscaping services, and entering the wholesale market to supply high-quality plants to landscapers and other nurseries.

Our ONLINE NURSERY was established as an extension of our retail nursery. Feel free to explore it! If you’re local, consider visiting us in person—we have even more to offer.

Among our exceptional house plants, you will find a range of striking Calathea and Stromanthe sanguinea Triostar; a large selection of ferns, Monstera such as adansonii, taurii, and siltepecana. As well as rare alocasia such as zebrina, baginda ‘Silver Dragon’, amazonica ‘Bambino’, reginula ‘Black Velvet’, macrorrhizos ‘Stingray’, macrorrhiza ‘Variegata’, odora ‘Regal shield’, the highly sought after Colocasia esculenta Black Magic, 'Gageana Aurea' and Xanthosoma ‘Variegated Mickey Mouse’. We also have a good selection of various Begonia Rex, Begonia soli-mutata, escargot etc.

We also take pride in our selection of hard-to-find Philodendron varieties, including Gloriostum, Hastatum, Erubescens ‘Pink Princess’, Black Cardinal, prince of orange, Dark lord, White Knight etc. – just to mention a few.







On our BLOGS section you will find information pages, e.g. how to choose the right fertilizer, or when to prune roses, feed hibiscus etc.

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9:00am ~ 2:00pm



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