Your one-stop shop for Healthier Food Choices! 

Once a humble family vegetable garden, LANDOSOL FARMS is today a fully operational business and growers of a large variety of NON-GMO vegetables, free-range eggs and meat.

LANDOSOL FARMS is based on the sound principles of conserving natural resources, limiting the carbon footprint, growing, hiring and eating locally grown and prepared foods, and making the world a better place to live in. This we do by using only natural and sustainable farming methods, free from artificial pesticides or fertilizers and crop rotation. Natural foods and natural farming methods leaves a smaller carbon footprint while simultaneously improves the health of its customers and its local community.

LANDOSOL FARMS was created to meet the growing needs of a community, concerned about what they eat. This is a community that is tired of ‘fresh vegetables’ bought at the local grocery store. When more than likely the “fresh” vegetables were picked while still unripe, shipped halve way around the world over several days/weeks, and then artificially “ripened” using ethylene gas, thus robbing it of practically all of its flavor and nutritional value.