Bone Meal

Organic rooting and planting fertilizer (4-12-0) for all types of plants, bulbs and vegetables. 

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About this item

  • STRONGER ROOT DEVELOPMENT: Bone Meal is a natural source of vital, readily available organic nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium that promotes strong plant roots, vibrant blooms and more delicious vegetables. Helps to enhance your plants throughout the growing season.
  • ADD TO SOIL: Add to soil or potting mix during seed starting or at any time prior to harvest to fuel strong roots and early, healthy plant growth. Bone meal fertilizer breaks down slowly, releasing nitrogen for robust growth throughout the season. Follow packaging instructions for the amount to use.
  • ORGANIC: All-Natural Plant Food Source of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for Organic Gardening.
  • Bone Meal is ideal for new bedding plants, giving established home flower gardens a boost, and keeping patio containers looking their best and brightest. 
  • IDEAL FOR FALL BULB PLANTING: Bone meal naturally promotes healthy growth of root and bulb crops and has a fine granular consistency for easy spreading.

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