Ficus elastica ruby

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The Ficus elastica ruby is an attractive, rose-tinted variety of the rubber plant. These variegated rubber plants have beautiful glowing red tint and grow well in most rooms of your house. They are low maintenance and only needs a little polishing to make it shine (and to keep it clean). Like most ficus plants, the Ficus elastica does not want to be re-located once you have found a spot where it flourishes.

* Please note that Ficus elastica ruby is prone to leaf drop after the shipping process due to stress. Once the plant has acclimated to its new environment, the leaves will come back, and you will have a happy ficus.

Growth Spread 60 cm -30meter (depending on its growing conditions).
Growth Height 1 meter - 40 meters (depending on its growing conditions). As a pot plant the size can be contained. Planted outside in a garden this tree becomes massive. It is a large tree that grows about 30-40 meters tall with a trunk up to 2 meters in diameter. The trunk leads to building strong roots in the soil which helps to supports the other branches of the tree. Never plant a ficus next to a building as it will uproot the foundations.
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate. The rubber plant is very forgiving to being under-watered.
Frost Sensitive Yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements The ruby ficus light requirements range from indirect, filtered light to bright light conditions. No direct sun as it will burn the leaves. Shaded areas will cause it to lose some of that nice glossy sheen and colour.
Soil Requirements Grow in compost rich, well drain potting mix.
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