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Plants are a perfect gift as they say, “I love you” and also a low-maintenance present.

If you're wondering about the best occasions to give a plant as a gift, then the answer is any occasion. We, as a human, have a natural attraction towards plants. Biophilia, which literally translates to “love of life,” is the idea that this fascination and communion with nature stem from an innate, biologically-driven need to interact with plants. Plant is far more than just stems, roots and fronds, they are givers of life.

This is only one of the reasons why plants make for a great gift. Giving someone a plant means you are giving the recipient the responsibility of nurturing something. It is a gesture of love and affection. It also shows your trust the person with the responsibility of a plant.

With so many choices, the problem is to choose the right and best plant to give that suits the person’s personality- some people prefer succulents, other orchids or aroids?

Our GIFT CARDS solve that problem for you as the receiver simply pick their own plants from our online shop, check-out and enter the pre-paid gift card number: - done!

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