Vitamo 500ml

Trace elements complexed by amino and fulvic acids. Vitamino is a soft product when used as an addition to foliar sprays on tender and new growth of leaves and flowers in crops. Foliar applied Amino Acids at critical stages of plant development provide additional metabolic activity during cell division and growth stages.

Amino acids assist in plant recovery from environmental or induced stress events, e.g. heat shock, salinity. Auxins stimulate cell vision in meristem zones of roots and shoots and leaves.

Cytokinins stimulate the initiation of reproductive organ cells (e.g. flower buds)

To be applied as a foliar spray.

Foliar application:
Dosage: 30 mℓ / 10 ℓ water

Trace elements 7.2 g/kg
(B) Boron 2.0 g/kg – Composition 2.2 g/ℓ
(Fe) Iron* 3.0 g/kg – Composition 3.4 g/ℓ
(Mn) Manganese* 1.0 g/kg – Composition 1.1 g/ℓ
(Mo) Molybdenum 0.2 g/kg – Composition 0.2 g/ℓ
(Zn) Zinc* 1.0 g/kg – Composition 1.1 g/ℓ
(S) Sulphur 6.0 g/kg
Amino Acids 130.0 g/kg
Fulvic acid 50.0 g/kg
Vitamin complex 1.5 g/kg
Seaweed extract** 5.0 g/kg

*Complexed by amino acids
**Contains natural Auxins and Cytokinins

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A concentrated solution of amino acids, trace elements, and biostimulants to promote vegetative and reproductive crop growth and development and assist plant recovery after induced stress events. The significant content of essential L-Amino Acids. L-Amino Acids have metabolic activity in plant tissue.


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