alocasia gageana aurea

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The Alocasia gageana aurea is an extremely rare unicorn plant in the exotic houseplant world. The Alocasia gageana forms a thick above-ground trunk, which supports the upright held 60cm long, scalloped-edged leaves. Slightly moist, but well drained soils and part sun seems to grow the best plants.

The Alocasia Gageana Variegata Aurea is a beautiful and unique plant that is perfect for any home or office. The variegated leaves are a stunning golden color, and the plant is easy to care for. The Alocasia Gageana Variegata Aurea is a must-have for any plant lover.

Alocasia do go dormant in winter, ensure your have enough warmth to keep them going through the cold months. They can also be sensitive to transport, so yellow leaves on arrival are perfectly normal.

They grow well in a free draining potting mix, taking care not to overwater.

Growth Spread 1.2 meters cm
Growth Height 1.2-2 meters
See the source imageWater Requirements Keep moist, but avoid over-watering.
Frost Sensitive Yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements Bright indirect light for at least 6 hours. Will tolerate semi-shade.
Soil Requirements Well drained compost rich soil. Prefer slightly Acidic soil with ph5.5-6.5.
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