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Syzygium pondoense (Pondo Water Wood)

Syzygium pondoense (Pondo water wood), is indigenous and endemic to our region, here in the lower Southern Kwa-Zulu Natal as well as the Northern Eastern Cape area. It grows mainly along the rocky beds of streams, but overexploitation for its many medicinal properties, has become very rare in the wild.

This in an evergreen and hardy small tree that grows about 3 meters high. It branches low and can be used as a shrub. The bark ages to a beautiful, mottled grey. The leaves are a shiny dark green above and lighter below.
The new leaves are red, making this a wonderful foliage plant. Showy, fluffy white flowers that attract insects are borne from Sept. to Feb. These are followed by large attractive red-purple fruits which are much sought after by birds.

Its weeping form placed in entrances makes a good focal point. It is also an attractive container plant. The Pondo Water Wood is equally happy in full sun as well as shade. Shade does not lead to sparser foliage, which makes it especially useful if you need to plant a small formal hedge in direct sunlight or in the shade of an overhanging tree.

Plant in sun or shade and water regularly. To purchse or more details, click here.

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