philodendron hastatum silver sword

Philodendron Hastatum

(Medium to relatively fast growing)


Picture(s) shown is only a representation of a mature plant and not the actual plant. Small juvenile plants often look different from a grown specimen.

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The Silver Sword Philodendron boasts striking, metallic-looking leaves with a glossy silver finish. This climbing plant, known for its thick stems, typically requires support from a trellis or moss pole to grow. As it matures, its leaves become increasingly elongated and tri-lobed. Paired with its climbing growth habit, this impressive foliage adds an instant tropical feel to any room. The Silver Sword Philodendron is a low maintenance plant and can adapt to various light conditions, but it will grow best in partially shaded areas with adequate indirect sunlight for more vibrant foliage and robust growth. The Silver Sword Philodendron, being a moisture-loving plant, requires more frequent watering compared to other tropical plants.

Growth Spread 45 to 60 cm.
Growth Height 3 to 5 meters tall (indoors), 6 to 10 tall (outdoors)
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate to moist soil. Water frequently. 
Frost Sensitive Yes - Best kept a temperature between 18°C and 30°C
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers. 
Light Requirements Bright indirect light.
Soil Requirements Well drained barky, compost rich soil.
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