Philodendron Rojo Congo Large

Philodendron Rojo Congo

(Slow to moderate growing)

PLU 3093-1

Picture(s) shown is only a representation of a mature plant and not the actual plant. Small juvenile plants often look different from a grown specimen.

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Philodendron Rojo Congo is a self-heading Philodendron that will stay relatively compact. The Rojo Congo is a cross between the beloved Imperial Red and Tatei. Like many variants of the classic Philodendron houseplant, new growth appears as a striking accent, and the Rojo Congo sports a striking red stem with a burnt orange/green gradient on new growth as it hardens.

Growth Spread 45 cm - 60cm.
Growth Height 90 cm - 1.2 meters.
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate.
Frost Sensitive Yes - Best kept a temperature between 18°C and 30°C
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers. 
Light Requirements Bright indirect light to light shade.
Soil Requirements Well drained barky, compost rich soil.

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Small (9cm), Medium (15/17cm), Large (19/23cm)

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