Dieffenbachia Tropic Mariana

17cm Pot – Bushy

PLU 3870

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Dieffenbachia ‘Tropic Marianne’ features a pale yellowish-green leaf with a dark green edge border. The leaves may also have a white stripe down the midrib of the leaf.  Dieffenbachia, commonly known as dumb cane or leopard lily, is an air purifying, perennial herbaceous plant with straight stem, simple and alternate leaves containing white spots and flecks, making it attractive as indoor foliage. Dieffenbachia is a popular as houseplants because of their tolerance of shade. All Dieffenbachia will be in response to the size of their pots. If you give it a large container you could be looking at 1.5m after only a few years. Average sized pots result in a more manageable size of 60 cm.

Growth Spread 60 cm
Growth Height 60 cm - 1.5 meters (depending on the size of their pots).
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate. Water only when the top quarter of the soil has dried completely and then water thoroughly. In lower light, you may need to water less frequently, allowing the soil to dry down at least halfway before watering.
Frost Sensitive Yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements Bright indirect sun to full shade.
Soil Requirements Well drained compost rich soil.
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