Dracaena arborea golden heart

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The Dracaena (Dracaena fragrans) Golden Heart has long striped, yellow-light green, and lime green leaves. They emerge out of a rosette center, with the leaves coming to a point. Over time, it will grow as tall as 1.5 meters and develop a thick, woody trunk. Definitely, a recommendation for a beginner as these plants are easy to maintain and very forgiving to mistakes. They can tolerate long periods of drought and even handle a bit of overwatering.

Growth Spread 90 cm
Growth Height 1.5 meters. Re-pot every 3 years.
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate. Allow topsoil to dry between watering.
Frost Sensitive Yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements Bright indirect sun to full shade. They grow at their best close to a window.
Soil Requirements Well drained compost rich potting mix.
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