Ficus benjamina variegated

15cm Pot – Bushy

PLU 4610

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The variegated Ficus benjamina is a popular indoor tropical tree among all skill levels due to its tolerance of multiple growing conditions and because of its ornately colored leaves. These trees are relatively easy to care for and just requires plenty of bright, direct sunlight and moderate watering. Keep your Ficus Benjamina in the same spot in your home because any change in moisture, light, or location will cause the plant to drop some of its leaves to adjust.

* Please note that Ficus Benjamina is prone to substantial leaf drop after the shipping process due to stress. Once the plant has acclimated to its new environment, the leaves will come back, and you will have a happy ficus.

Growth Spread 60 cm -1 meter (depending on its growing conditions).
Growth Height 1 meter - 10 meters (depending on its growing conditions).
See the source imageWater Requirements Moderate. Dry soil out somewhat between watering
Frost Sensitive Yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements Bright direct sunlight.
Soil Requirements Grow in compost rich potting mix.
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