Aglaonema Maria

Aglaonema Commutatum Maria

(Moderate growing)

PLU 3202-1

Picture(s) shown is only a representation of a mature plant and not the actual plant. Small juvenile plants often look different from a grown specimen.

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Introducing Aglaonema Commutatum 'Maria' 'Emerald Beauty' – a botanical masterpiece that brings both elegance and resilience to your indoor space. Aglaonema Maria is more compact and has wider but shorter leaves compared to the Silver Queen.  Just like it's cousin it too is an evergreen plant that has spectacular thick, dark green leaves with attractive silver-gray variegation. It is an easy to grow houseplant that can tolerate low light and drought conditions. It is a great decorative plant to add to your home or office, as it can brighten up any space with its stunning leaves. It is also an air purifying plants to help remove common house toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, toluene, and nitrogen oxides found in everyday cleaners from the indoor air.

Growth Spread 30cm
Growth Height 30 cm
See the source imageWater Requirements Water when dry - drought tolerant. 
Frost Sensitive yes
Flowering Period Not grown for flowers.
Light Requirements Full sun to Shade 
 Soil Requirements Well-drained compost rich soil.

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